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Challenge Program

Do you ever find yourself in need of a little extra motivation to hit the trails? Especially on those really cold and dark nights. When Netflix looks particularly alluring?

Or are you the more competitive type? Do you like to set challenges for yourself, and compete against your own personal best. Always pushing yourself to grow and improve?

Then our Challenge program is right up your alley!

Each Challenge is set with specific run distances and timelines. Most often these are related to actual race distances that you might expect on the competitive race circuit. 

Our shorter distance Challenges are pretty reasonable to achieve with some effort. But, don't let that lull you into a false sense of security when it comes to our further distance Challenges...they are aptly named!

So if you think you'd benefit from having someone hold you accountable, a solid deadline to finish by, or want to have a good natured competition with a friend and push each other to get out there on the trails, sign up for one of our Challenges!

New Challenges are released monthly, so there is always something new to try.

Plus, each Challenge comes with it's own Finisher prizes and bragging rights.

Bet you can't enter just one!


We offer new Challenges all the time, so there is always something new to push yourself, and drive you to continue to improve. Check out our active Challenges if you need that deadline and push to finish. However, if you've joined us and see there's a past Challenge that you'd really like to run, and the deadline has passed, you can still run it. You can still log your runs with us, and earn miles towards your Titles. 

Active Challenges

What Challenges Can I Enter Today?

Bunny Run

Entry Opens: March 22
Entry Closes: April 4
Start Logging Miles: April 1
Logging Ends: April 30
Challenge Distance: 10 Miles
Named after the "Bunny Hill" at ski resorts, this is a great Challenge to get started. When you're finished, you've completed the equivalent of your first mono-sport race!

Dawson Mail Run

Entry Opens: March 22
Entry Closes: April 4
Start Logging Miles: April 1
Logging Ends: September 30
Challenge Distance: 300 Miles
Born out of necessity for life in the north, dog sled teams were the most reliable way to transport mail. In honor of the history of those teams, will you help us deliver the mail?
Did you miss the entry deadline? Be sure to snap up your spot in these upcoming Challenges when the become available then!

Coming Soon

Bunny Run

Entry Opens: April 26
Entry Closes: May 9
Start Logging Miles: May 1
Challenge Distance: 10 Miles
Named after the "Bunny Hill" at ski resorts, this is a great Challenge to get started. When you're finished, you've completed the equivalent of your first mono-sport race!

Challenge Swag

Are you looking for more ways to show off your pride in your accomplishments on the trail? Then you need to check out our swag shop!

Past Challenges

Did you miss a really fun Challenge? No need to stress, you can still run it on your own.
Typically once the Challenge is over, we don't run it again. 

Sometimes it'll make a repeat visit with a new badge and prizes, but with the exception of our evergreen Bunny Run, when they're done, they're done.

So, what if a past Challenge really inspires you?

We don't want you to miss out! So if you have your heart set on an expired Challenge you can still run it and log your miles towards you next Title. You just won't receive your Finishers Kit. You can still get in on the Challengers Kit, and medal if we have some available.  

So, check out our past offerings on our Past Challenges page.

Be It Resolved

Challenge Distance: 25 Miles
We've all failed to live up to our "resolutions" at some point. This year it's time for a change in attitude! Ring in the year of the Ox being resolved to start anew...not just wishful thinking.

Denali Challenge

Challenge Distance: 50 Miles
Together we're going to tackle the top 10 trails of the Denali National Park. Including Mount Healy Overlook, Savage Alpine, and Triple Lakes.
Denali here we come!

Other Questions?

Want To Combine Your Challenge Finish With A Title?

Special Designation Titles are awarded with a "SD" affixed to the Title earned. They are awarded to any participant who completes their Title while participating in a Challenge. In order to qualify the Driver needs to finish the Challenge within the designated time as outlined in the Challenge rules & log the last mile of their Title during that period. 

For example: If you were to start your first Wheel Dog Challenge, let's say the Bunny Run Challenge (a 10 mile challenge). You would have to log and complete the Challenge before the Challenge end date. So, lets say you log various runs, ending with 11 miles logged before the Challenge ends (cumulative miles run: 11 miles). 

You would then earn your Wheel Dog Title with the Special Designation noted (WD-SD).

And you'd have 1 mile logged towards your Wheel Dog Bronze Title. 

Why is this important?

You don't have to stop logging miles to wait for your next Challenge to start before you can log miles again. Just finish your Title inside a Challenge (and finish the Challenge within the deadline). 

To learn more, check out our Special Designation FAQ.

How Do You Get Started?

What do you need to get started today?
  • Equipment: Of course you'll need the equipment to get started, we usually suggest starting with Canicross if you're brand new and not sure what you want to do longer term. All you need is a harness, bungee leash, and waist belt. Head over to our Learn To Mush section if you need a little more help getting started
  • Membership: Sign up with Wheel Dog to get your Driver ID ($9.97 one time fee)
  • Download A GPS App: We have tested (and like) Strava and Under Armor's MapMyWalk (etc) apps. You can use one of these, or any app of your choosing. It just needs to record your run distance and time. You'll need to take a screen shot of your run and submit it with your log when you're finished.
  • ​Pick Your Challenge: Have a look at our current Challenges, pick one that sounds interesting to you (and where you love the Challenger Kit!) and enter! We usually suggest that you start with a 10 or 25 mile Challenge, but that isn't required.
  • ​Pick A Trail: Discover your favorite trail for dog sledding, get out there and use it! (don't forget to track your run with your GPS App)
  • Log Your Run: Use our "Log Your Run" button on the Wheel Dog home page to submit your run miles.
That's it!

We'll track your miles and send you regular updates so you know where you are in the Challenge.

You'll be sent your Challenger Kit after entry, and Finisher Prizes after completion (assuming you finish within the is a challenge after all!)

I Still Gots Questions!

Still unsure about something? Check out our frequently asked questions page for more information. 

Still don't see your question answered? Submit your question via the contact page, or watch for our next Facebook live Q&A session held once a month.
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