What's this all about?
We saw a need for a fun recreational mushing league. One that was open to all ages, skill levels, and breeds. 

We believe that everyone can benefit from getting outside, being active, and spending more time with their dog.

In the Wheel Dog League it isn't all about racing and chasing that first place trophy. It's about learning this fun sport, training, and spending time with your dog.

If you have a dog that already loves to pull on the leash (don't they all?) this is the easy button to solving all your leash pulling problems!

New to mushing?

No problem, check out our Drivers Ed section and learn how to get started. With a few pointers, and sport specific advice you'll be ready to hit the trails with confidence!

Learn from an experienced musher, who specializes in non-traditional sledding breeds.

Earn your title

A big part of our League program is our Title program.

We know not everyone wants to race and compete. Some people prefer to focus on reaching training milestones and recording their accomplishments. 

Our Title program allows you to do just that!

Earn recognition for your team's achievements and track your hard earned miles in harness.

Are you up for a challenge?

Are you the type that needs a little more motivation to get out there everyday?

If so, our Challenge program is just for you! Give yourself the motivation to get out there and put in that time in harness before the Challenge ends. Earn your Challenge badges, have a friendly competition with a friend to see who can finish first, and qualify for a Special Designation Title when you finish. There's a Challenge for all levels and abilities!

Current Challenges

Bunny Run

Entry Opens: February 22

Entry Closes: March 7

Start Logging Miles: March 1

Challenge Distance: 10 Miles

Join our very first Bunny Run! Named after the "Bunny Hill" at the ski hill, this is a great challenge to get started in. When you're finished, you've completed the equivalent of your first mono-sport race! 

Entry Opens: January 25

Entry Closes: February 7

Start Logging Miles: February 1

Challenge Distance: 50 Miles

With limited ability to make travel plans, we're just going to have to get creative! Are you ready to join us on a 50 mile challenge through Denali National Park? Together we'll do a tour of the top 10 trails. You in?
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