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Title Recognition

If you and your dog love spending time on the trail, our Titling program is a great way to document your milestones. 

We know you're proud of the miles you've put in harness, the training time, the early mornings at the trail head. You wouldn't change those moments for anything. 

While there is no better sound than your boots crunching on freshly fallen snow, the smell of pine trees in the air, and the silence of an unused trail. 

The down side?

There's no one to share it with. With our Title recognition program you can share your success with your friends. Track your progression, and improve your skills as a musher.

Are you ready to get started? 


Our Titles are a great way to track your miles on the trail. You can mix and match your (dog) teammates, dog sledding sport, and progress at your own pace. You can even earn a "Special Designation" on your Title by completing your last miles while participating in one of our Challenges (learn more below).

The best thing about our Title program?

It's all at your pace! Only have one dog? No problem. Your dog likes to pull at a slower (freight) pace? No worries. Your dog isn't a traditional sledding breed? No problem there either. Do you have a reactive dog? No problem, choose your trails wisely and you can have fun too! No matter your skill level, team size, or speed - this is an event where EVERYONE can succeed!

Each title costs US$19.97 to apply for, and they must be completed in order.

Foundation Titles

(Start Here!)

Our foundation Titles are a great place to start, complete your first mono-sport race distance, then follow up with a few sprint race distance wins!
  • Wheel Dog (WD): Log 10 Miles (Cumulative Miles 10)
  • Wheel Dog Bronze (WDB): Log 25 Miles (Cumulative Miles 35)
  • ​Wheel Dog Silver (WDS): Log 25 Miles (Cumulative Miles 60)
  • ​Wheel Dog Gold (WDG): Log 25 Miles (Cumulative Miles 85)
  • ​Wheel Dog Platinum (WDP): Log 25 Miles (Cumulative Miles 110) 

Intermediate Titles

Wow! You've put on 110 Miles already! That's further than an ultra-marathon... Are you ready to keep going? 
  • Wheel Dog Intermediate (WDI): Log 50 Miles (Cumulative Miles 160)
  • Wheel Dog Intermediate Bronze (WDIB): Log 50 Miles (Cumulative Miles 210)
  • ​Wheel Dog Intermediate Silver (WDIS): Log 50 Miles (Cumulative Miles 260)
  • ​Wheel Dog Intermediate Gold (WDIG): Log 50 Miles (Cumulative Miles 310)
  • ​Wheel Dog Intermediate Platinum (WDIP): Log 50 Miles (Cumulative Miles 360) 

Advanced Titles

You've already run the equivalent of a mid-distance race. Are you ready for the long haul?
  • Wheel Dog Advanced (WDA): Log 100 Miles (Cumulative Miles 460)
  • Wheel Dog Advanced Bronze (WDAB): Log 100 Miles (Cumulative Miles 560)
  • ​Wheel Dog Advanced Silver (WDAS): Log 100 Miles (Cumulative Miles 660)
  • ​Wheel Dog Advanced Gold (WDAG): Log 100 Miles (Cumulative Miles 760)
  • ​Wheel Dog Advanced Platinum (WDAP): Log 100 Miles (Cumulative Miles 860) 

Master Titles

Holy Cow! You've run the equivalent of your first long-distance race. Impressive! You've almost run the full length of the Iditarod with your dog. Are you ready to finish that last checkpoint?
  • Wheel Dog Master (WDM): Log 150 Miles (Cumulative Miles 1,010)
  • Wheel Dog Master Bronze (WDMB): Log 150 Miles (Cumulative Miles 1,160)
  • ​Wheel Dog Master Silver (WDMS): Log 150 Miles (Cumulative Miles 1,310)
  • ​Wheel Dog Master Gold (WDMG): Log 150 Miles (Cumulative Miles 1,460)
  • ​Wheel Dog Master Platinum (WDMP): Log 150 Miles (Cumulative Miles 1,610) 

More Titles?

 You don't have to stop here! Stay tuned for more opportunities to be announced soon.

What Are Special Designation Titles?

Special Designation Titles are awarded with a "SD" affixed to the Title earned. They are awarded to any participant who completes their Title while participating in a Challenge. In order to qualify the Driver needs to finish the Challenge within the designated time as outlined in the Challenge rules & log the last mile of their Title during that period. 

For example: If you were to start your first Wheel Dog run and log your first 3 miles (cumulative miles run: 3 miles), then enter the Bunny Run Challenge (a 10 mile challenge). You would have to log and complete the Challenge before the Challenge end date. So, lets say you log various runs, ending with 11 miles logged before the Challenge ends (cumulative miles run: 14 miles). 

You would then earn your Wheel Dog Title with the Special Designation noted (WD-SD).

And you'd have 4 miles logged towards your Wheel Dog Bronze Title. 

Why is this important?

You don't have to stop logging miles to wait for your next Challenge to start before you can log miles again. Just finish your Title inside a Challenge (and finish the Challenge within the deadline). 

To learn more, check out our Special Designation FAQ.

What Exactly Do You Earn?

For each title earned you'll receive:
  • Title Certificate: We'll send you a lovely certificate to frame, post, or scrapbook to track your success
  • Title Ribbon: You'll receive a title ribbon for your wall of fame
  • Instagram Badge: Show the world how smart your dog is, with our shareable Instagram badge
  • Facebook Profile Badge: Proudly share your accomplishment on Facebook with our profile badge
  • Facebook Banner: Update your Facebook banner with your Title accomplishment (or add it to your blog or website!)

How Do You Get Started?

What do you need to get started today?
  • Equipment: Of course you'll need the equipment to get started, we usually suggest starting with Canicross if you're brand new and not sure what you want to do longer term. All you need is a harness, bungee leash, and waist belt. Head over to our Learn To Mush section if you need a little more help getting started
  • Membership: Sign up with Wheel Dog to get your Driver ID ($9.97 one time fee)
  • Download A GPS App: We have tested (and like) Strava and Under Armor's MapMyWalk (etc) apps. You can use one of these, or any app of your choosing. It just needs to record your run distance and time. You'll need to take a screen shot of your run and submit it with your log when you're finished
  • Pick A Trail: Discover your favorite trail for dog sledding
  • Log Your Run: Use our "Log Your Miles" button on the home page to submit your run miles
That's it!

We'll track your miles and send you regular updates so you know know your current record. 

When you've earned your next Title, we'll notify you, and you can submit your Title application and fee. 

Once confirmed, we'll rush your crisp new Title to you!

How Long Will It Take To Earn My First Title?

An average walking speed is 3 miles/hour. Our Wheel Dog Title requires you to log 10 miles. So, at a walking pace it would take 3.3 hours to complete. You don't have to complete the miles in one run. But to log a run it must be a minimum length of 1 mile. 

If you're just starting, a 3 mile/hour pace is probably a good expectation. You're dog likely isn't pulling consistently yet, so it'll be a little slower as you move them past distractions, and encourage them to keep pulling.

A sprint racing team (made up of 4 or more dogs) might clock in at a blazing 15 miles/hour, but don't expect that of a single dog at the beginning...or maybe ever depending on your dog.

Malamutes and draft breeds may average around 5-9 miles/hour, but don't tend to like going faster than that. Smaller and older dogs might be around that same pace.

Our Wheel Dog Bronze through Platinum Titles require 25 miles logged to earn each title, it would take you 8.3 hours (at a walking pace) to complete each Title level. These early Titles could easily be accomplished in your first month if you only walked a half hour a day.

We hope that gives you an idea of how long it might take to start racking up the accomplishments.

I Still Gots Questions!

Still unsure about something? Check out our frequently asked questions page for more information. 

Still don't see your question answered? Submit your question via the contact page, or watch for our next Facebook live Q&A session held once a month.
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